Who reads Sherrilyn Kenyon?

In short, everyone. The beauty of the Sherri’s work is that it reaches out to the entire world. Our fans come from all walks of life, religions, and age groups. They are male and female, and as diverse as the world we live in. We have toddlers and teenagers who come to signings dressed as characters and the oldest fan we know of is 102. Approximately 50% of our US fans are male (we have more in the UK) and we draw our readers from truck drivers, teachers, lawyers, producers, musicians, students, stay at home moms, soldiers, doctors, police officers, shamans, clerks, CEOs, office workers, gamers, ministers, bikers, accountants, wait staff, stylists, computer techs, reporters, construction workers, writers and you. Thank you for reading and for being part of our worldwide fan base. Kenyon Minions — a million strong and growing.