What major or specific degree do you recommend to be a writer?

The one that you enjoy that will give you the highest GPA possible for graduation. Seriously. Nothing will make you more miserable than taking classes you hate and it will show in your grades. I personally think that the classes that helped me most in college were psychology and philosophy because they taught me how to express myself in words and how to understand people and their motivations.

But, I was a history and classics major, and I use those every day in my books, too. I wanted to major in Creative Writing, but the professor in charge of that program wouldn’t let me in. I tried three times and on the third attempt, she asked me not to apply again as I didn’t write well enough to be in the program and that the slots in it were reserved for students who had a future in publishing. I couldn’t get into journalism because they had a typing requirement I couldn’t pass.

Meanwhile, I know a number of bestselling authors who didn’t go to college at all. In the end, the decision is up to you. Good luck!