What is the salary for a writer?

Like all jobs, it varies greatly. Some only make a few hundred dollars a year, others make millions. But the cold hard fact is this, less than 10% of all writers make enough to support themselves, never mind support a family. Only 2% will ever get rich from it. Most earn a salary around ten to twenty thousand a year. That being said, you also have to remember that Uncle Sam will take half of everything you earn for taxes and your agent will take another 15-20% and you only earn 6-8% of the cover price (less on international or club sales). So on a typical $7.99 mass market paperback novel, the author only clears 25 CENTS a copy after taxes and agent. No lie. I swear this to you. On a $25.99 hardcover, an author makes only a dollar a copy. Now, out of that quarter or dollar made per book, the author has to pay for all their own publicity such as bookmarks, buttons, mailers, website, travel, etc.