Interview with Apollymi

Q: If you could go to the earth for a whole day without the risk of destroying the world what place would you visit and why?

A: My first stop would be to see my son and grandson, then my granddaughter and great-granddaughter. Then I have old scores to settle. But that wouldn’t take long and then I’d never have to go back into my cage again. However, it would suck to be anyone other than the above mentioned and those they love. Artemis excluded.

Q: Why did you choose Savitar to coach Acheron and not another Chthonian if you do not like him?

A: He’s the only one I almost trust, and the one I know how to find to hurt the most. He knows better than anyone that I should never be crossed, and that his life and limbs depend on the well being of my son.

Q: Do you still need Marissa Hunter for your plans or you have given up the idea of carrying her to Kalosis?

A: My plan was to force my son to come to me. That hasn’t worked out. I curse the day he was born with a conscience, and his disgusting empathy toward humanity.

Q: Do you have any resentment with Styxx for the way he treated Apostolos when he was human?

A: Does a bear defecate rurally? Of course I do. He’s at the top of my list of people to put down in the most vicious way imaginable.

Q: If you could rewind time, would you erase the words you said to Apollo and Artemis for the death of your son?

A: Yes. I’ve learned to kill first and speak later.

Q: Where or how did you meet Savitar, and how was your relationship with him before the event that made you hate each other?

A: No one ever said Savitar hates me. He’s not that stupid or suicidal. I can’t remember how we met. It wasn’t important to me, and I’ve always found him annoying.

Q: How did you feel when you heard that Archon was the father of the Fates. Did you love him even after discovering that?

A: How do you I think I felt? Rank bastard dog who should have been gelded. I wanted his heart in my fist and but for Savitar’s stupidity, I’d have had it. Of course I loved him. I couldn’t hate him as much as I do unless I loved him.

Q: Do you still have some kind of feeling, apart from hate, for your husband Archon?

A: None whatsoever. I only wish I could return to Katateros so that I could splinter his statued remains.

Q: How do you feel about having a new member in your family? (and yes, we are talking about your grandson Sebastos).

A: I adore him. Most of all, I adore the fact that Soteria brings him to me so that I can spoil him relentlessly.

Q: Would you like, maybe in the future, to have a better relationship with Stryker?

A: Every day brings us closer. I do love him like a son, but no one comes close to the love I have for my Apostolos.