How is Lords of Avalon part of Dark-Hunter?

Dragons, magic, demons, mythology and Celtic lore have been a part of Dark-Hunter from the very beginning. Even Talon was originally a Lords of Avalon character I drafted into the Dark-Hunter army. So to bring the two series together now was an easy and natural progression, just as Hellchasers and Chronicles of Nick blends seamlessly into the vast world that is Dark-Hunter, so does LOA. And in the next couple of Dark-Hunter books where we delve more deeply into the dragon mythos that we began back in Dragonswan (book 2 of the DH world that was published in 2001), the two will crossover and interweave. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve had a lot of fun playing in both. And I have a lot of fun things coming in the next few books as we revisit old characters and find new ones to love!