How do the CON & DH Timelines mesh? (Spoiler warning)

I actually answer that in every CON book, and in Infamous in greater detail. But the best explanation is found in the prologue of Infinity. There are lynch pin events that will not, cannot, and do not change. Major events such as Nick meeting Kyrian, Kyrian meeting Amanda, etc. will remain the same. Little details might alter- such as the exact time they meet i.e. Nick know meets Simi earlier, but he still doesn’t know who her father is… yet. Whether or not he learns that will depend.

What Nick is really trying to change is what he will become if he doesn’t save the lives of friends he loses and events we have yet to get to in the DH books. The only real thing he’s trying to change that is in DH books to date is the death of his mother.

Inferno will open with a glimpse of Ambrose’s future and what is awaiting Nick and why it is imperative that he save certain lives. The timelines will mesh and I do have it all worked out. When you read the two series, you won’t be lost or confused. It does all make sense. You just have to read it carefully. Everything is and has been foreshadowed from the very beginning.