How are events scheduled/How do I get Sherri to my town/country?

Sherri has no control over where her publishers send her. She makes requests, but at the end of the day, it’s up to them where she goes for tours, and the location of stores. As a rule, they pick larger cities that are centrally located to give as many fans as possible the ability to come see her. They try to be fair and we’re sorry that Sherri can’t go to every city every year.

If you want Sherri to come to your town in the US and Canada, please contact your local store, and tell them that you’d love to meet her. If they get enough requests, they’ll talk to her publishers, and with luck, they’ll send her there next tour.

If you live outside of the US, the best thing to do is contact her publisher in your country. Again, if they get enough requests, then they will bring her there to tour.

Events are decided in conjunction with Sherri and her publishers. Sometimes they book the events, but most of the time, it’s Sherri’s assistant Kim, who is the keeper of the master schedule, who sets events.

How it works is the committee in charge of the event such as DragonCon, Comic-Con and conferences, decide who they want to speak. They contact Kim and if the date’s available, she books Sherri for it. If you’d like her to attend an event, then please contact those in charge of the event to see if they’d like to invite her to the event to speak.

Sherri does tour outside of the US, and she has had signings in all states except Hawaii and Alaska. Countries she’s visited: Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, Antigua, Puerto Rico, and Germany.

Thanks so much for understanding. Sherrilyn really appreciates your support and hopes to meet you soon.