Marie’s Interview for Remi:

1. Now that we all know why you’re always angry. Have you ever thought about seeking an outlet for those feelings of aggression other than fighting with, your siblings, the staff of Sanctuary, other Were’s, Dark-Hunters, or other antagonists?

A) Fighting is my outlet of choice. What else would you have me do? Crochet? Bad idea. Those things you use for it double as a stabbing weapon. First time someone lipped off at me, I’d stab them through the eye. Then Dev, who would most likely be my first victim, would hunt you down and kill you for suggesting it.

2. Knowing what you have gone through, one would think that you might want to set up appointments to speak with Grace. Have you ever talked with her?

A) Do I look like a woman? It’s none of anyone’s business what’s going on in my head. I can deal with my own shit, and I prefer it that way.

3. If Grace were to recommend an alternative mode of anger management, how willing would you be to explore that?

A) Depends. It the alternative motive was also kicking the crap out of people who annoy me, I’m all there for it. If it’s for something else, see answer #1.

4. I think that you need to be tied up and spanked; something needs to get you out of your funk. How does that sit with you, are you game?

A) There would have to be a lot of contingencies for that to happen.

5. You are such a dominant alpha male, you need a female to match you in every way. Knowing that Becca wasn’t really meant for you, why haven’t you looked elsewhere to try to find a woman who would be a better match for you?

A) The Fates don’t play fair. They seldom match us with an equal. Rather they draw straws, sit back, and enjoy the fall-out. No thanks. I’m done with being their amusement. Those bitches can kiss my nether region.

6. New Orleans is full of all different types of women. What attributes are you are looking for in a mate or are you willing to just jump in?

A) Not looking. Not interested. See the above answer. I’d rather be alone than deal with anymore crap. I don’t need head games or drama.

7. If you didn’t work at Sanctuary, where would you be?

A) Wherever the family was. Someone has to give Dev a hard time and keep him straight.

8. If you found your mate, do you want to raise cubs?

A) I’ve always been a family bear. Family is the only thing that matters in the world. Everything else is trivial.

9. I know that Were’s have a heightened sense of smell, what is your favorite scent?

A) I can tell you what it’s not. Dev’s damn feet. Gah, I don’t know how Sam stands it.

10. If you found your mate, what would you spend the most time doing?

A) That would be between us.