Why I Love Raising Boys

Thing 1 & 2, better known as my oldest two sons went to their first night of driving school. Have I mentioned how funny Madaug is in real life?

How was it? I ask.

Son #2 looks at me, puts his headphones in and mumbles, “okay,” before he makes a vapor trail for his playstation.

Son #1… First I get the diatribe about the building. No, it wasn’t the bright and shiny new building I thought it was, Mom. It wasn’t even the okay building behind it. No, I had to take class in the rusty shack behind the crap shack that was behind the rundown, abandoned car lot. I knew it was going to be bad and I was right. They made me watch the movie Red Asphalt. It was like watching a horror movie without the good parts. You know, the teenage bimbo with the bouncing boobs between the gore. Where was my bimbo? Instead I was hammered with images you keep telling me I’m too young to see. What’s wrong with that picture? I could watch gore free on cable. No, you paid for me to take a class to see it. You’re whacked, Mom, totally whacked.

You know… my son has a very valid point :D and I think I have a great Nick scene for the book after Invincible :D