An Awesome Moment

Son #2 had two friends spend the night over on Friday. Yesterday, I took them out to lunch (my boys have a weird fascination with Buffalo wild wings and must devour them twice a week- Sat lunch is a designated time and place they can look forward to all week). So we’re in our fave booth, joking with all the boys making me smile. I LOVE boys. They are so much fun- girls are too, but I’m not around them very much. Suddenly a friend C has had since third grade gets a bashful look about him. I’m thinking at this point that he’s going ask about girls. It would fit the look.

He says nothing. I make jokes and tell stories about the guys I was raised with. All of a sudden, friend speaks. “Um, hey. When’s the book after Infinity coming out?”

It stunned me so badly, I couldn’t speak for a minute. I’m pretty sure I choked on my food. “Pardon?”

“I read Infinity and I loved it. It was really good. I felt like I was hanging out with friends and I just wanted to know when the next one would be out.”

Awww!!! I knew I loved this kid for a reason :) He absolutely made my day :) I also love random acts of kindness and that to me was definitely one. He was so sincere. What a sweetie!

Of course then, they all started picking on son #1 who is a major character in Infinity LOL. He’ll never live that down :) I told them to be nice or I’d turn them into slug demons in the next book ;) I have the power!!! I would never use it, but it makes a good threat.