The Scot

The blackest night lives in the heart of all men.

No one knows much of anything about The Scot, not even his real name. He came to the Holy Land seeking his brother who had vanished there years ago.

He was taken by our enemies while trying to save a small band of pilgrims from raiders.

During our imprisonment, he was our left hand. The one who was quick to put himself between our captors and us. He saved countless lives and was punished severely for it.

While in captivity, he was burned, beaten and had one eye seared closed. Now at home in England, he is withdrawn from the world. He lives in seclusion and is the man to whom we send those who need time alone to readjust to the world.

He is quick to anger and tolerates no one to look at him. Those who have lived with him only saw him in the dark of night and then he was heavily robed.

The Quinfortis are the five men to whom we owe everything. They pulled together and got us out alive and once we were free, they set up a network to help others escape and readjust to the world that had forgotten them.

Without their strength, their courage and most of all their heart none of us would be here today. We honor and pay tribute to them even though many of us don’t even know their real names.

They are:

The Wraith (Simon)
The Widowmaker (Stryder)
The Scot (?)
The Abbot (Christian)
El Sahhaar (The Sorcerer/Nassir)

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