Papa Bois


We’re all gonna die. How are you gonna live?

Known throughout Trinidad, Tobago and St. Lucia, “Father Wood” is a protector of the forest and all that dwells there. It’s a job he takes most seriously. He can appear in a number of guises, but is often seen as an old man with a left leg that has one large hoof for a foot. It’s said that he can run faster than any creature and that his body is covered in short deer-like fur, and that two horns sprout from his forehead.

And never forget, he can take any form he desires. Yet the one way to know him for sure is that he’s never without his horn that he uses to warn the animals that humans are near (it can be a large bull horn on his belt or a small necklace worn around his neck). Should you determine that the stranger you’ve met is indeed Papa Bois, don’t forget to treat him with the utmost regard and say a polite greeting. One of his favorites is always: “Bon jour, vieux Papa,”  which translates to good day, old father.

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Papa Bois