Throwback Thursday

Here is something fun and apropos for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and for Throwback Thursday. When I was in fifth grade, we moved from Ft. Benning to Ft. MacPherson. On my first day of my new school in Atlanta (the first school I ever attended where the majority of kids had civilian parents, and I was terrified), I met a WONDERFUL girl who embraced me like a sister.

Over the years, we have shared laughs and tears, and a whole lotta love and friendship. Some of you have met her at conventions and signings, and many more of you have heard me speaking about my friend “Nurse” Kim. When we were kids, Kim was one of my first critique partners, i.e. I cornered her at school and forced her to read my stuff and tell me it was good :D

While she was more interested in becoming a nurse, I was off battling aliens and demons. But she was always a fierce reader. In fact, below is a photo from a high school play where I was the lead and Kim came to see me (I think we’re 15, maybe 16 in this). In the photo, she playfully has her nose stuck in a book, LOL. Vintage Kim! Rebecca (who also has been to many events with me over the years, and who is the godmother of babies) is the other girl in the photo.

After many years of journey, Ms. Kim has finally started her own writing career! I couldn’t be more thrilled!!! She is so incredibly awesome and talented. Her first love is the same as mine (not really surprising since we grew up together)– Historicals!! Her great love is the Western period (she ADORES her cowboys) and she’s now started her own blog, Kim Turner Writes I’m so proud of her and happy for her that I had to share (Kim, don’t kill me— or you’ll have to raise my rowdy boys, LOL).

So if you get a chance, stop by and see what she’s up to. Hugs to everyone!! And Kim, stop reading this– get to writing, I want more pages!!!!      Ha! Payback, finally!!