Someone needs an intervention

I have decided that I have definitely won Uncle AND Brother-in-law of the Year. Why? Because I haven’t called Child Services on Cassandra and Wulf. It was bad enough the first time I went to babysit and found Tyr dressed like this…

tyrI dismissed it as Simi camouflage and figured it was Cass’s way of keeping Simi from eating the baby.

But this…   this is beyond cruel. It’s bad enough they dressed Tyr like this, but the fact they made photos and posted them on FB…

I need to take custody of my niece and nephews before permanent damage is done. I can’t believe for this I got my throat cut. Man, there’s no justice in the world.

tyr2 tyr4 tyr5   tyr3

I know, little buddy, I’d be sticking my tongue out, too. Oh the humanity.