Sick Feeling of Dread

There’s something in the ether. I can feel it with every part of me, but I can’t place it. Because of that, I know it effects me deeply and those I care about. Damn it’s frustrating. I hate my blindspot. I’ve threatened Savitar, but he won’t tell me anything.

What is going to happen? Why can I feel it and not see it? When is it going to blindside me? Most of all I want to know who all will be affected by it.

On a lighter note, I saw a Dark-Hunter quiz on MySpace and had to download the widget. Interesting. What I find funny is Jaden flunked them all. Sad really. But comforting. I want to keep my people off his radar. He has a flaky moral code and low tolerance.

In the meantime, I’m heading to bed for some well deserved down time while the demons shop and Alexion and Danger redecorate Simi’s room and Urian bitches about his boredom.