Out of house and home

The only thing scarier than a hungry Charonte toddler has to be Tory when she’s pregnant. Danger and Alexion are threatening to move out until she’s delivered the baby, which is about any time now. Even Bas is starting to guard his Cheerios. He handed his bowl to me tonight. “Daddy, protect.” Sad when he knows I’m the only one in the house who won’t sneak a handful. But he’s also extremely excited at the thought of having his own sibling to play with. While he enjoys cousin Mia and Kyrian’s sons Alex and NJ, he’s ready for a playmate who doesn’t have to go home eventually. I keep telling him that Simi doesn’t leave, but he wants someone to play with you doesn’t burp fireballs. Can’t blame him for that really.

Urian is out on an emergency Chunky Monkey run. I wish they sold that stuff in larger containers while I stay here and guard the mighty Cheerios. I promised Bas I wouldn’t take my hand off them until morning. I might lose my hand, but I will try.