Misery, thy name is Nick…

I think my “book”- yeah, that one- got a little hungry today. It dang near tore off my fingers when I went to consult it about a minor aggravation earlier. Anyone know anything about troll demons? Not the kind that live under a bridge. The kind that eats those and apparently tries to kill other life forms named Gautier. It’s hard to hide the bruises and scratches from my mom. Thankfully, I heal fast, but still… I miss the days when I could go swimming. Now, if I dared, I’d have to come up with stories like someone dropped a house on me and then bit me a few times when they were trying to get me out of the rubble. Think anyone would buy it? Me, either.

Fine, off to do homework, then off to see what Kyrian wants me to do. Really want a car, Ma. It would make my world a lot easier.