Merry Christmas/Happy Solstice

I’m still trying to get my bearings on this whole new world I awoke to. Things here are so strange. It helps a lot that Styxx isn’t all that interested in leaving my temple in Katateros. He’s quite happy to spend time quietly with Ari and I. And I’m slowly learning more about my little brother who is a huge delight, and whose quirky humor is only matched by my husband and eldest son. I’m still not quite acclimated to calling Galen, Urian, but I am adjusting and learning.

One of my greatest new adventures is exploring the world with Tory and Lydia. Their joy of living is infectious. I’ve never known anyone quite like them. Tory has been busy teaching me all about Christmas and its celebrations. The three of us, with Simi, even went Christmas shopping for the babies and came home with some interesting things. Lydia and Seth, with their son, helped us to decorate our tree. It’s even complete with a bottle of barbecue sauce that Simi tied to the highest branch.

But I have to say, my favorite item Tory insisted I buy didn’t become my favorite until I saw Styxx with it after he’d bathed Ari. It was such a great moment to have my husband decorate my youngest son with a holiday memento that I must share. Now I’m off to wrap the last of my presents, call my father and brother, and check on my children and husband to make sure they’re safe. I hope everyone is having as a magical a time as we are.