Kyrian et al

Weirdest phone call. Not that I don’t get a lot of them. That’ll teach me to be married to a psychologist. I think at times it’s worse than being married to a nurse or medical doctor. Everybody calls, night and day, for advice.

I wish Grace would learn the magic words. “that’s not my area. I can’t help you.”

But that’s why I love her.

Anyway, so Kyrian is bitching and moaning about having two kids driving.


All six of mine are driving, with Tabitha on the road, no less, and I had to survive three teenage daughters under one roof. Honestly? I survived major Roman sieges that were easier to handle.

Plus, all three of my girls are in college, even though the youngest is only 17 and Kyrian was the asshole who held me back while Grace drove her off to school because they all knew I didn’t want her to go until she was 30.

I think Amanda’s right, the only thing worse than all of them growing up is all of them leaving. We’re down to only one left at home and poor Simon is terrified I’m going to hobble him and chain him in his room for eternity. Not a bad thought, but Grace has threatened me if I even think about it.

Still, my stepdad is known for making some pretty damn good chains. Just saying.

It’s hard to let them go their own way, knowing everything that’s out there. Sadly, the Daimons aren’t the scariest thing in the world.