Feast of Heroes

I think Shara is trying to kill me. But I love every minute of it.

WTF is wrong with Andarions that they put all their important holidays in the span of one week? WTF is wrong with my family that they, too, celebrate every minsid one of them? I wish the Fyrebloods would rebel and take the week off.

But at least I survived all the parties, even though half of Ushara’s family still stares at me with hatred. It makes me feel at home with the birth entities I deny ever having. I am a sick MF and I still say I was spawned.

Now if I could just talk Trajen into moving the Feast of Heroes into another week or month. Have a little more time between all the feasting. I haven’t eaten so much food since . . .

Last year. Thank the gods it only comes once a year or I’d be screwed.

Better, yet, I’m glad I have all these kids to chase after. Not only keeps me young, keeps me from weighing as much as a shuttle.