Hanging With Sav

I often wonder how I let Simi talk me into things. But I guess it’s what most parents feel. She’s added so much to my life and has been such a good friend to me over the centuries that it’s hard not to indulge her. Not to mention the fact that I owe her a debt I can never repay. Every time I look at her, I remember the darkest held secret inside me and for that I can deny her nothing. Not even a trip to the beach as bad as I hate it.

Savitar has such an uncanny way with demons. It’s like he understands them. I think he’s the only person alive who dotes on her more than me and Alexion. The two of them are in the water, on boards letting the waves rock them. Savitar has completely removed himself from the universe. I’ve wondered why many times over. What did it take to push someone like him to this existence? He wants nothing to do with the world. That I can understand, but to honestly pull himself out of commission…

It makes me wonder if I’ll wake up one day and do the same. But then I have Simi and the Dark-Hunters who depend on me. It wouldn’t be that easy for me to vanish.

Then again if this damn phone rings one more time this morning while I’m trying to unwind, I just might tumble over that edge myself. As Savitar so often reminds me, the wet suits are black after all.