Halloween, my surfboard

I’ve always known there was a good reason why I didn’t bother with human holidays. How I let the Grom talk me into going to Sanctuary for their annual party, I’ll never know. But like an idiot, I went. At first it wasn’t so bad. The bears were all dressed up as superheroes. I’m told Aimee had on a Catwoman costume, but Fang made her change into a bear costume. And so Aimee came to the party with a cardboard doghouse and told Fang he’d be sleeping in it, out back.

And he did, too. But what gripes me… there I was, minding my own business when in walked Acheron who was dressed as normal with a shirt that said “I am the scariest thing you’ll ever meet.” Ironic really since he is the farthest from the scariest thing I’ve ever encountered. His boys were dressed in Buzz and Woody costumes. Bethany and Soteria were both dressed as Charonte and Ari was dressed as Bethany’s Charonte egg. As much as it pains me to admit it, it was adorably funny. Then in walks Styxx. He was dressed in a pair of loose white cargo pants and a linen shirt, holding a boogie board painted to look like my prized surfboard.

Unamused, I asked him what he was supposed to be. With an equally dry tone, he replied, “I wanted to come to the party dressed as an ass.”

And now we all know why Chthonians don’t get along. He’s lucky he’s not a stain on the floor.