Ganys Traexerizan!

The fun things you learn when you adopt a new culture. Andarions like their celebrations. A lot. The War Hauks in particular like to throw down with the best of them. After the week long celebrations last month, I thought we were done for a bit.

Oh no! Dancer threw in another one. More home decorations. More feast planning. I don’t know what I’d do without is cousin and Yaya to help me navigate through all these strange customs. And I have to say, having Galene and Felicia around has proven to be a lot of fun, too. They are like the sisters I’ve missed having (or never had really). It’s so easier to plan the feasts when there are extra hands in the kitchen.

And with Vega, I   have company in my confusion. Which would be worse, I must confess, if Kiara hadn’t turned over her planning notes to me where she made very careful schedules and details her first couple of years after her marriage to Nyk. Although, her militant attention to minutia is a bit terrifying. Nothing escapes her notice. Still, Kalea and I are settling in very nicely to our new homeworld. She is loving her “cousins” and thrilled to be part of such a large family, as am I.