Fat Tuesday

Oooo look what the Simi done found while poking around online. I have my own corner of the internet. Wonder if akri knows about this? He don’t go online that much, but still…

The Simi had a good feast on Fat Tuesday. I like how that sounds much better than Mardi Gras. The Simi knows it means the same, but it just sounds better to her ears. Now them bear people had this big huge BBQ pit feast in back and well everyone knows how much the Simi loves a good BBQ. They had lots of sauces there to sample, some I’d never seen before so now Alexion-akri is online finding them for the Simi cause, well, yum.

Then the Simi tried to BBQ other things. The bear people got a little frisky when the Simi glanced at their cubs, but well… akri said no. I hate that word.

Instead we BBQ’d dead things. Still thinking it would have been nice had one of them daylight walking Daimons come by cause I don’t think anyone would have minded had Simi tossed one of them on the fire. That the things about Daimons, they so unreliable. How do they get anything done when you can’t depend on them to show up for feeding time? I don’t understand.

Oh Alexion-akri needs this to look for more sauces.

Gotta go. Bye!