Alternate Universe

It’s a weird place where I stand. Not that it isn’t always weird when you’re responsible for the fate of the entire world and an ever-starving adolescent Charonte. But…

Sota and Bethany came in today with the kids dressed in their Halloween costumes. They’re off to have professional photos made. Now I have faced down ancient gods, demons from many pantheons, the cursed, the damned… you know, typical day shite for me. But nothing has ever sent me reeling the way it did as I stared into those three tiny faces and saw myself and Sota and my brother and Bethany. I’m still getting used to this whole brother concept. Because of the way Styxx and I were raised, I never really saw myself whenever I looked at him.

Now I do. All these centuries, I had no idea just how alike we both are. Savitar was right. We are twins in more than just our looks. I’m not as unique as I thought I was, and that, too, has taken quite a mental adjustment.

Luckily, Styxx doesn’t venture out much so it shouldn’t confuse people. Sota is trying to get him to dress as me for Halloween and for me to dress as Styxx. Have I mentioned lately that my wife has a sick sense of humor? She and Bethany are dressing as Xirena and Simi and Xirena and Simi are going as an archeologist and Egyptian goddess. Yeah, they’re not right. But I love them all.

Even my brother.