War of the Swans

Silent Swans™

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Most history teachers claim that women had no authority prior to the modern era. But then, they never bothered to read very deep into their textbooks. The truth is never that easy and human nature will not be denied.

Colonial America wasn’t as cut and dry as those boring tests we were all forced to endure in school, and when the wives of two governors who have a grudge match against each other take up arms, all hell breaks open. And heads literally roll.

Beware the wrath of an angry swan. Not even the king of England himself will stop her. 






The heroine

One of the earliest proponents for equality, regardless of race, gender and class, Sarah openly challenged authority and urged her husband and others to rebel against societal norms. She envisioned a new society where opportunity and hard work, not happenstance of birth should dictate one's fate. She was a visionary and dreamer, who fought long and hard for her dreams of a better tomorrow. Fearless and tireless, she braved a hostile world and...
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