The Witch of Endor

Black Hat Society™, Black Swan Society, Sisters of The Cauldron™, Witch of Endor™

Original Publication Date: April 04, 1986

After a bitter divorce, Anna Carol is looking a fresh start. But when she signs the lease on her new apartment, the last thing she expects is to be moving in with the devil. Now she has to turn to the most unconventional source for help.

After all, it takes a devil to fight the devil. Or sometimes, it just takes a really powerful witch.

This story is currently published in the back of Insurrection.


Witch of Endor

The heroine

To call her unconventional is such an understatement that most would go straight for the word crazy, except for the fact that to do so would be the most insane (and suicidal) thing anyone could do. Therefore most just call her eccentric and eclectic. And if you're really lucky, you can call her friend. But whatever you do, you never want to make her an enemy. She's older than time and more dangerous than anyone can guess.
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