The Dollmakers

Black Hat Society™, The Dollmakers™

Original Publication Date: January 07, 1982

Long before Chucky and Annabelle, people have feared dolls. For many reasons. Some because they consider them graven images and others because they believe them to carry disease or ill wishes. There is something innate about human suspicion when it comes to these toys. Now join the mistress of horror, Sherrilyn Kenyon as she explores some new twists and turns on old legends and lore, and shows exactly how deadly the innocuous can be. You’ll never look at a doll the same way again!



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June 10, 2022

Low Country RomanceCon

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July 20, 2022

Comic-Con International: San...

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August 20, 2022

GRW Workshop

In this intensive one hour workshop, Sherrilyn will break myths and shed light on the...Read More

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