Solomon’s Baby


Original Publication Date: July 04, 2026

Coming from #1 New York Times bestselling author, Sherrilyn Kenyon and attorney, Nancy Rainer, this is the handbook that anyone in the entertainment industry needs to read in order to protect their creative endeavors from those out to steal their babies from them. What every creator needs to know about copyright law and their rights, especially during divorce, bankruptcy, and after death.

Protect what you’ve spent your lifetime creating, and make sure that it remains in your hands and in those of the ones you love. Don’t lose the worlds, trademarks and creative endeavors that you’ve spent your hard work, money and time developing because of laws and predators out there just waiting to prey on you.

Told in a quirky, easy to understand style, this will unravel the law and help you to protect yourself and your property now and in the future.