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Original Publication Date: February 01, 2014

Sherri and Dianna have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating on the Belador series over the years, but their busy and hectic schedules have made it hard for them to get together and work on the Belador books and give them the attention they deserve. As all of you know, Sherri and Dianna have always put the readers and books first, and always will. For that reason, they’re both excited to announce that they’ve made the decision for Dianna to continue writing the Belador series that she originally created. Dianna is still one of Sherri’s best friends and she loves her like a sister. Both are well aware that the fans are eager to get the next Belador book into their hands, and the fastest way for that to happen is to have one cook in the kitchen. Sherri has always said that Dianna is one of her favorite writers and she knows that Dianna will continue making the New York Times bestselling series everything the readers have come to expect and enjoy. But since Dianna will now be writing them, please forward any questions regarding future books to



The heroine

  Evalle is an Alterant—half Belador, half unknown.   She spent the first 18 years of her life locked in a dark basement with a 20-year-old set of encyclopedias and a banged-up tv.   Yeah, she has a deadly reaction to sunlight, but that’s not why her aunt kept her imprisoned. When a druid appeared out of thin air on her 18th birthday, and told her she had a destiny to become a Belador warrior, she jumped at the chance.  ...
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