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Nemesis Legacy®, Nemesis Rising®, The League®

Original Publication Date: July 01, 1993


Setting: Ichidian Universe

#1 International Bestselling Series


Because the League series was originally published by 4 different publishers, characters and situations had to be changed to make it look like the books were unrelated. Now Sherri is finally able to rewrite them back to the way they were and bring to her fans the series in its entirety.

Born of Ice is completely rewritten and bears almost no semblance to the original Paradise City which was written when Sherri was only 24 years old.

Even though this was the second novel Sherri sold, it was the first to come out and was published by Dorchester in their original futuristic line, under the title Paradise City.

The League Legacy books/stories (Born of Ice, Fire & Ice) are set 35+ years after the Nemesis Rising series. They are a sequel to League: Nemesis Rising and show what happens after the end of the Sentella-League war.


Eve of Destruction


The Eve books/stories are a prequel to the League books. They involve Jayne’s sister who is a mercenary. All the ones published to date take place before any of the Nemesis Rising books take place. In these, Nykyrian is still a League assassin.










The hero

  Betrayed and sold to the League, Jinx rose to become one of the best of the best at killing the League has ever seen. He takes no mercy on anyone. The last thing you want to do is be in his sights. But that being said, he doesn't blindly follow orders and he has his own agenda. His COs just don't know that. Yet.
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The heroine

  Jayne's older sister, Eve is even more lethal and less patient. A mercenary bounty hunter, she is a legend in her own right and runs a crew that no one wants to mess with. Not even the League.
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