2018 Menyon Fan Club Box

Menyon™ Section

Original Publication Date: January 01, 2018

Menyons asked for it and we aim to please! It’s the 2018 Menyon fan club kit that comes packed with goodies that were hand-selected for you or for the special Menyon in your life. So treat yourself to something special or make that special Menyon in your life shriek with joy with this gift that’s guaranteed to please.

This special one time kit comes loaded with:

A special thank you note handwritten from Sherrilyn
The iconic Dark-Hunters Double Bow decal
An official Menyon Fan Club card
5 Menyon stickers
Dark-Hunter slap bracelet
Simi Fan Club sticker
Simi BBQ sticker
Love Dark-Hunter Bracelet (red or black selected at random)
Bow necklace (silver or brass selected at random)
Bite Me sticker
Under the Protection of Dark-Hunters bumper sticker
Pack of character trading cards
Official Menyon Pin
House of Didymos Button
Zarek Button
Menyon Booksmarks
A reading list of Sherrilyn’s series
Lords of Avalon Button
Acheron Retractable Badge Holder or the Acheron Lanyard Badge Holder
Deadman’s Cross Official Member Bane’s Crew Badge
Ushara’s Enameled Rose Necklace

(Please note, the Styxx doll, Deadman’s Cross bag and Flag are not included in the kit. They are used only for staging. However, they are available in other listings.)



The hero

Even though he was the youngest when he died, Acheron was the first Dark-Hunter ever appointed. He is also the writer of the Dark-Hunter Creed and of the Code we abide by. Because of his Dark-Hunter age and the fact that he fought the Daimons alone for thousands of years, he is more phantom than real. He interacts with the other Dark-Hunters on a whim, and his sage advice is often sought. Eccentric and idiosyncratic to the extreme, he is a...
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