german cover of Wrens story


Pins, book and gift 3 meeting fans Argentina

Ranchos - Argentina

fan's dark hunter spain

Michal is reading Kiss of the night at Tel Aviv beach

Bed - Miriam - Argentina



Bedroom - Miriam - Argentina


fans Argentinas

Fansclub argentino

Cuarto Encuetro de fans en Argentina

Just returned from vacation in South Africa. Thought you might like to see your books for sale in a Capetown bookstore. Teri

Books on the shelf in the Capetown, South Africa bookstore. Cheers! Teri

4to Encuentro del Club de Fans de Sherrilyn Kenyon en Argentina!!

Fans Argentinas (4to encuentro)

Te queremos Sherrilyn!!

Regalos en el 4to Encuentro en Argentina!