"Not all men are annoying. Some are dead. "


The youngest daughter of Nykyrian and Kiara, Zarina is truly spoiled. Fun loving, she believes in living life to its fullest and she is on a quest to ever irritate her brothers. But most of all, she wants to find her sister and return her home. Thia was her best friend and the one person she felt really understood her. She would give anything to have her back.


Will Zarina ever have a book?

That's the plan... if she doesn't die, LOL. I never know what my people are going to do. But I do have an idea for a story and I'm hoping to get to it soon, and her book is going to be a whopper of a story :)

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Hear it from the Fans

How can Talyn's child inherit when his bloodline isn't truly royal?

NanDia, August 1, 2016

    She isn't Talyn's child. She's Nyk's.

    Carl, MB Staff, August 8, 2016

On the family tree it says that Zarina marries Cezar. If that was true then would Cezar leave his throne, since Zarina is the last heir for her family? Or would she switch over?

vvravin, July 10, 2016

    The family tree isn't the books. You don't know what happens yet.

    Carl, MB Staff, July 10, 2016

So I have a question more for clarity than anything else. So I as I was reading Born of Ice I know Taryn says Zarina is 17 going on 4. Now unless he is just being mean and doubly bashing her maturity that would make her ten years younger than Alix but their profiles have it where they just a year or so apart. I mean it isn't that this really matters it just confused me a little

Ash, June 12, 2016

    Yes, he was being mean with it and talking about her mental state. She's not that much younger physically. In the latest book, the twins are toddlers and she's an infant.

    Carl, MB Staff, June 14, 2016

So I was exploring the site and found that on the Family Tree page, Zarina and Cezar are partners. Now the real question is When does this happen and How are they "Partners?" Thanks Much

Rowen, May 13, 2016

If I have this correctly, she is the Andarion Heir because she looks Andarion while Adron and Thia don't?

vvravin, November 12, 2015

    Not exactly. Thia couldn't be an Andarion heir because of her bloodline. Her mother wasn't royal, so she was the Triosan heiress (their laws are different). Adron was the Andarion heir, but had to be designated as the Triosan heir after Thia left to secure their inheritance there as it was the more pressing issue. Jayce is an assassin and can't inherit because of his League standing. Taryn joined the Tavali and in doing so, disavowed his citizenship to both empires. You can't be a Tavali citizen and a member of another nation, so he knocked himself out of both inheritances. Tiernan has a heart condition. That allowed him to be the backup heir for Adron, until he had a child, but knocked him out of being the Andarion heir as you can't have a physical ailment and inherit. He couldn't even do his Endurance because of it. That left Zarina as the sole heiress, though Adron's children would be eligible, as would Talyn, or Jullien's.

    Carl, MB Staff, January 8, 2016