"Just another walk in the park, provided the park is in The West Bank. "


Kyle was recruited from the SEALS. A team leader, he always makes sure his teammates come out alive. Of course he doesn’t mind breaking the rules to get there and we won’t go into why the SEALS were ready to let him go…that’s a real long story.

His main gift is computers, but he’s also a whiz with arms and explosives.

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Hear it from the Fans

I loved this book. It was hot and sexy. I loved each any every guy in this book. It gave me ideas on how to spice my marriage....thank you. Hope more BAD books come out.

Mona Kekstadt, November 16, 2011

Kyle's story is one of the sexiest that SK has ever written. Why doesn't his sweetheart have her own profile?

Pisces228, October 29, 2011