"The proper way to use a stress ball is to throw it at the person who pisses you off. Along with a brick."

One of the oldest of the Drakomai, Falcyn is a creature of many secrets and even many more idiosyncrasies. Solitary and surly, he prefers to stay as far away from the world of man and fey as he can.

If only the world would return the favor.

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Hear it from the Fans

Aah I cannot wait for Falcyn's book. Even from the little he's been in the other books, I am so intrigued. Definitely very much looking forward to hearing his story.

Steph, September 20, 2016

oh okay thanks ! i was a little confused bc they segue into their own branches and they are all connected; i just have a hard time finding info on the books and get a bit confused. i know they are part of the big picture but i was curious to how to find upcoming books bc i click on them and some info is given about certain aspects of the 'world of 'hunter legends' that makes more sense to me anywho. i was just getting branched out and was curious about it and had a hard time finding out about the next step into the dragon world esp. bc i read that Urian will be in one and it listed falcyn's chosen somewhere on here but i get a little lost when tyring to keep up with the updates... i was just wondering where i can find her upcoming books and got a bit lost; with all the original characters finally revealing their personal stories i was trying to make sense of how it was going to come together bc i couldn't find much on deadman's cross or how it ties in... it is an entire universe and can get confusing at times but i love reading her books and am psyched that 3 books will be coming out soon 1 yay! thanks for the info! i got a bit lost as to how the deadman's cross would intertwine... but maybe there hasn't been much put out there; i just find it hard to find where to look lol :)

heather, August 13, 2016

    Deadman's Cross are set in the past and are a trilogy. They are part of the DH world, but like with Dream-Hunter, are separate.

    Carl, MB Staff, August 13, 2016