"We live in a world where millions of people go every day without touching my crap... why can't you be one of them? "


The son of Justin Portakalian, Duff is staying at Sanctuary while his father’s in prison. He’s not real happy about that and has moments of extreme anger over being abandoned by both of his parents. Moody and quiet, he doesn’t speak much. He’s the only person at Sanctuary scarier than Remi and Wren.

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Hear it from the Fans

i find you interesting esspecially if you are SCARIER then REMI AND WREN but in my opinion wren isnt scary hes kind of cute haha and i love martian the monkey remi on the other hand makes it shocking i cant wait to get to know you better

Mykall, March 3, 2014

You know, this may be strange. But when I read about Duff, I realized that Alex is the only one he tolerates and accepts as his friend. Others, he doesn't care about and is very 'guarded' around. He trusts no one. Now.. the strange part of this idea that came to my mind is - what if Alex's big secret is that he and Duff find each other attractive? I mean, being an Aristos or Arcadian isn't all that bad, since most of the Peltier family has that going on. So, what if the secret Alex doesn't want to share is that he have a love for a male that is probably is considered forbidden and shunned down on in the were-hunter society? What if those two are love each other, but are afraid of telling anyone - let alone act on their affection? I don't know, just a crazy assumption. Be really cool though if that's the case. Very beautiful and unique honestly.

ChickenButt, February 26, 2014 Your note is awaiting moderation.

Jaima, Duff first appears in Chronicles of Nick the 4th book Inferno. Although it says his main story is in Infamous.....Maybe it's a glitch

Krisitna, January 26, 2014

I hope that Duff will be alright. He is gorgeous and he is a Were-Hunter, i just wish him a happy life even if it is with out the he needs most. The people who dont want love are the ones who need it most. Hopefully you find peaace Duff (in your book). All the best. Leanna

Leanna, December 9, 2012

what book does Duff first appear in? and why is he mad at his dad when his dad was trying to do a good thing?

Jaima, October 6, 2011