"My attitude has issues with your personality."


The youngest of the Cruel clan, Lise has a lot of issues with her older brothers… and the laws of her people which have relegated her to the position of perpetual slave. No matter what her uncle and mother think, she is not going to be some man’s prize broodmare. And she is not going to live her life in a box. She has her own mind and she’s not afraid to use it. She also has issue with the fact that her brothers’ names mean “precious” and “valued” while her name means “graceful gift to another”. Yeah. Even her name objectifies her.


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Hear it from the Fans

I hope her and Fain have a book together. I felt a little something something between them when she asked if she could take a shower and sleep in his ship..... I wonder if that was a little hint from sherrilyn? I guess we'll have to wait for one of their books :(

Cameron, December 24, 2012

I could really see her with Fain...there was that one scene where her comment seemed just a little too familiar for perhaps casually knowing him. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing :D

Laney, December 11, 2012

I would love for her to be with Fain....please write a book about these two characters.

Farhiya, July 10, 2012

Since I am 56 years old, I have read a LOT of novels over the years, so was really tickled to find 'my' name on one of the characters! I have been called every thing from 'Leese' to Lice... but my folks always pronounced it like Lisa. They got the name from the movie, "An American in Paris" with Gene Kelly and Leslie Carone. She played the french ballerina with the name Lise, and it was pronounced Leeze.... Thanks for letting me see my name in print!!!! Love the character, LOVE the series!!!!

Lise’, June 15, 2012

Id like to see her with either Chay or Saf.

MANDI, May 30, 2012

ohhh she sounds nice. i wanna know more about her...

flor, December 7, 2011

I hope she gets her own book one day. That would be a very interesting book and I can't wait to read it!

Tessa, October 8, 2011

seriously hope she has a book, love the fact that sherriyln makes her women just as capable as her men and some times even more so :)

vanna, October 5, 2011

I hope she has her own book someday, just reading her bio makes me wanna know more about her.

Jaima, September 17, 2011

Obviously I have not read the book but this profile drew my eye because she has the same first name as me. Is it pronounced ahn-nuh-leese or on-nuh-leese? I also believe that this name has two meanings, the second being consecrated to God.

Annalise, August 20, 2011

    But you have to remember that in this case, the name is Caronese and has a different meaning than it would on Earth ;)

    Carl, MB Staff, August 20, 2011