Make crime pay. Become a Lawyer.

You’re probably wondering what the devil is going on with me. It’s an interesting thing really. Even the Damned need an attorney. Actually, they need one more than other people, since they tend to run afoul of the law more often than most.

But that’s another story.

See, I was one of those scary, precocious kids. The kind who was in law school at age 16 (I’m the Doogie Howser of law), when I was “bitten” by a demon. Long story short, it turned me into a vampire. Once my demon was killed, I was freed and I finished law school. But the bad thing is, I stopped aging, so I’m, trapped in the body of a teenager for eternity.

Good thing, I can project an image to others of what I want to look like. Most see me as a typical twenty-something lawyer. Let me get back to most. Others see me for what I really am. It gets confusing, but hey, that’s what the law is all about, right? As Bill would say, what do you get when you cross an attorney with the Godfather? An offer you can’t understand.


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