Happy Halloween

Yeah, it’s Halloween so all kinds of freaky things are going on in the Quarter (and other places). To say my nerves are shot, is an understatement. Halloween is code for “Let’s all hunt and kill Malachai.” And with the veil being thin, it’s much worse than normal. I’ve been more nervous than a three-tailed cat in a rocking chair factory.

So what does my ever-loving demon bodyguard decide to do? Allay my fears? Oh, yeah! Never. Nah, nah, nah. My zoo crew (literally) decides to wake me this morning in full-on zombie makeup. My mom will be repairing the claw marks from the ceiling for the next year. This, boys and girls, is why demons shouldn’t be friends with Hel Hounds and never, ever let them befriend a Celtic war god on top of it. If I make it to dawn, it’ll be a bigger miracle than normal.

Is Nick looking forward to Halloween? No. Is the zoo crew? Of course. It’s the one time Simi, Caleb, Kaziel, Aeron and Vawn can go out and flaunt their real skins and no on blinks. I go out as Malachai . . . yeah. Ain’t enough duck urine in the world to protect me.

Oh well. Hope the rest of you have a Happy Halloween (and one a lot safer than mine).