Anyone who knows me, knows that I live for music. It’s been a part of my life since birth. Every member of my family plays an instrument of some kind. Every room of my house has an instrument in it. I grew up listening to my dad, Uncle Carlos and Uncle Billy playing whenever they got together. My older brother never went anywhere without his harmonica. My sister chose the piano. My Uncle Dural and my little brother on the guitar, jamming whenever they could. For myself, I have two flutes, a piccolo, a fiddle :), a guitar and a harp in my office that I tinker with whenever I plot. But I did forget something . . .

I have two older cats who are well accustomed to my strange behavior and so I thought nothing of picking up the violin to fiddle out an Irish tune. So there I was, plotting and playing, lost in the moment When all of a sudden, a blur streaks by and pounces on me.

Hubby’s kitten. Oops! I’d forgotten how seductive the bow is while it moves frenetically over the strings. Now I’m bleeding, my horsehair needs replacing, but I have one happy kitten who gladly put her teeth marks on my bow. Hmmmm…. Cats. You have to love them.

Now I’m off to find a pack of Band-Aids.


I look so innocent, but I’m evil to my core . . .