"There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who are living and those who aren't. Piss me off and you'll quickly find yourself among the latter group. "


Samia puts “hunt” in the word Dark-Huntress. She loves a good chase and thrives on toying with her prey.

As lethal as she is beautiful, Sam enjoys her job and lives for the nighttime where she is free to roam the streets. But unfortunately her immortality comes with a steep price that has made her slightly insane…

The granddaughter of Hippolyte (the most famous Amazon queen), she escorted Helen of Troy home after the war.

She is one of the infamous Dogs of War. Hunters so bad, they are constantly watched.

The Dogs (Machiskyli) in New Orleans are:


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Hear it from the Fans

Is Agaria, Samia's child from her first husband, Ioel?

Tory Parthenopaeus, January 28, 2016


    Carl, MB Staff, January 28, 2016

They should have a baby Savitar. And it should be a girl to punish Dev for his forever woman loving eyes before he met Samia. Name her Savita!

Casey, July 24, 2015 Your note is awaiting moderation.

If the Scythian Guard was a sister tribe of the Amazons does that mean Sam may know something about their origins and their secrets?

Freya, September 15, 2014 Your note is awaiting moderation.