Conjured by Emrys Penmerlin and entrusted to Arthur Pendragon so that he could rule the human realm and his kingdom peacefully without contestation, these “ordinary” objects were imbued with fey or divine powers that gave the mortal king extraordinary abilities. But once Camelot fell to the evil Fey queen and the mortal king vanished, the new Penmerlin decided the best way to protect the powerful Fey objects was to place them into the hands of their original Cymerlins and scatter them throughout the realms  of man and  fey so that they would never fall into the hands of Morgen le Fey and her Le Cercle du Damné (Circle of the Damned) who now rule Camelot.

Each object can only be wielded by one born of the chosen bloodlines and descended from the original Cymerlin (it will not work if stolen from them). If it is in the hands of its owner from birth, they are never aware of it or...

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Hear it from the Fans

UUUUMMMMM? Aren't there only SIX Grail Knights? That's what it says in SWORD of DARKNESS anyway.

Koren Crisovan, January 23, 2016

    That is how many are left. It's not how many they started with, which was thirteen. Morgen has been murdering them, which is the plot of Knight of Darkness.

    Carl, MB Staff, January 23, 2016

so curious about whats going to happen next

Jessica L, January 11, 2016