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Original Publication Date: September 21, 2003

This is the Trade Paperback edition that combines both Night Pleasures and Night Embrace.

Setting: Modern New Orleans

In “Night Pleasures, ” Kyrian of Thrace—an immortal who protects humans from vampires—wakes up one morning handcuffed to the one thing that can scare him: an accountant.

But Amanda Devereaux turns out to be his perfect partner for hunting down a deadly foe, and for helping him to regain his soul.

“Night Embrace” spins the story of Talon, an ancient Celtic warrior who killed the son of the god Camulus. Camulus cursed Talon, decreeing death for everyone he loved. Now a Dark-Hunter in modern-day New Orleans, Talon meets Sunshine, who is key to ending his curse once and for all. Not to mention helping him...

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The Hero: Kyrian

Born prince and heir to Thrace, Kyrian was disinherited when he married an ex-prostitute against his father's wishes. As a legendary Macedonian general, he cut a trail of slaughter through the Mediterranean during the 4th Macedonian War. Chroniclers wrote that he would break the Roman stranglehold on the known world and claim Rome for his own. He would have succeeded had he not been betrayed by his wife into the hands of his enemies. He...

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The Heroine: Amanda Hunter

Accountant by trade, Amanda wants nothing to do with the kooky paranormal world of her sisters. She likes normality, but when her psychic powers are uncovered, all Hades breaks loose and her life will never be the same. The Devereaux sisters are (listed in their birth order): Esmeralda (Essie) Yasmina (Mina) Petra (Pet) Ekaterina (Trina) Karma Tiyana (Tia) Selena (Lanie) Tabitha (Tabby) Amanda Amanda's psychic powers are:...

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  • Artemis

  • Kell

  • Acheron

  • Kyrian

  • Liza

  • Nicolette

  • Marissa

  • Mina

  • Mnimi

  • Nick (Squire)

  • Papa Bear

  • Petra

  • Psyche

  • Quinn

  • Ravyn

  • Rosa

  • Sebastian

  • Simi

  • Styxx

  • Sunshine

  • Talon

  • Tate

  • The Fates

  • The Morrigan

  • Tiyana

  • Trina

  • Valerius

  • Vane

  • Wren (CON)

  • Wren

  • Wulf

  • Xedrix

  • Zarek

  • Zeus

  • Aimee

  • Amanda Hunter

  • Aphrodite

  • Apollo

  • Ares

  • Athena

  • Bill

  • Bride

  • Camulus

  • Cherise

  • D'Alerian

  • Dev

  • Dionysus

  • Eric

  • Eros

  • Essie

  • Fang

  • Fury

  • Grace

  • Griffe

  • Julian

  • Justin

  • Karma

  • Katra

  • Keegan

  • Tabitha

  • Apollymi

  • Etienne

  • The Howlers

  • Sanctuary

  • (A)SK Sherrilyn

  • Rogue

  • Skoti

  • Were-Hunter

  • Dark-Hunter Handbook

The Story Behind The Story

At the time Sherri sold the Dark-Hunters, the vampire genre was dead. No one had been writing any that sold in so long that she had to use the word Daimon instead to get the series even looked at by New York.

My how things change...

Sherrilyn started writing the Dark-Hunters in 1986 as urban fantasy short stories. Many of these were published in the SF magazine, Cutting Edge. The first DH novel was completed in 1991.

Night Pleasures was first submitted to a publisher in 1991. It was rejected by every publisher (more than once) in New York, as well as small press publishers and eBook publishers until 1999 when St. Martins finally bought it.

Because there was no market for paranormal at the time Night Pleasures came out, Sherri's editor was terrified of using the word 'vampire' on the back cover. She honestly thought no one would buy a vampire book if they...

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Hear it from the Fans

I love your books sherrilyn. I've read almost of all of your dark hunter series and I have to say that My fave couple is actually couples...Acheron and Tori, Fang and Aimee, Vane and Bride. Sin and Katra(Sp)....either are so cool

martha, March 7, 2013

Hey Carl, Could you tell which books have the Black women characters. I am unfamiliar with the dark hunter searies (yes Sacriledge, I know) I have read the Chronicles of Nick (eagerly anticipating the next book) But I have only read one Dark hunter book. I coulduse some guidance. Thank You TBP

Tinyblackpearl, September 15, 2012

    I know I'm going to forget some. Simone (mixed race), Janice, Menyara, Celena, LaShanda all have profiles on the site. Books: Fantasy Lover, Night Pleasures (I think LaShanda's in there- she's Tate's wife after she grows up), Dark Bites, Night Play, Seize the Night, Sins of the Night, Unleash the Night, Bad Moon Rising, Dark Side of the Moon, A Hard Day's Night Searcher, The Dream Hunter- I think it's Justina in that one, Fear the Darkness, Dream Chaser, Acheron, The Guardian, Dance with the Devil talks about Bast and I think she has a cameo in it, and No Mercy. Some are cameos, but Menyara is a major character in both DH and CON, and she's a big part of Nick's life and Seth's too. If you like her in CON, then you'll definitely want to read The Guardian. Simone and Celena are the heroines of their stories.

    Carl, MB Staff, September 17, 2012

love the books, but why cant there be a black woman who in love with a Dark hunter, and the stories about them. Your books help me see everything I read. I have never been so happ

ANNIE BOSTON, April 2, 2012

    There are several, including Simone and Celena. Dream Chaser and BFSW.

    Carl, MB Staff, April 2, 2012