Dark Bites
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Will Solin ever have a book?

I hope so. I adore his sense of humor and his lethal sarcasm. He will return in a major way and has a major surprise in The Guardian.


What is the deal with Madoc/Adarian and Nick?

Ahhh, the ending of Dream Warrior :) There is a reason for that teaser. But you will have to continue reading the Dream-Hunter and Chronicles of Nick series to see what it is :D I know, I'm evil. Sorry. But the answer will be revealed.


Will Demon ever have a book?

I hope so, but again, it's a case of I don't have it in my head. Which really means nothing. I can have nothing and then in one flash, boom, the whole books. That's what happened with The Guardian.


Will Jared ever have a book?

Maybe. Actually, I'm pretty sure he will, but I don't have the exact details worked out yet. But he will be back in many more books, and more details will be given about his relationship with Jaden.